Hair Extension Care


How to best look after your new extensions 


Post Care of Hair Extensions

What to do: 

Plait your extensions before sleeping or exercising to avoid tangling.

Brush your hair and hair extensions thoroughly before washing your hair using a tangle teaser brush. Use professional hair products (recommended by your stylist) that are NOT alcohol or protein based. 

Use a deep moisturising conditioner. Use leave-in moisturiser/treatment (recommended by your stylist). 

Ensure that your hairdryer is on a LOW heat setting when drying your hair extensions. 

Brush your hair every morning and night.

Book in for regular deep moisturiser treatments to ensure soft, silky hair.


What not to do: 

Do not sleep with wet hair.

Do not massage the root area around the extensions.

Do not rub the hair vigorously when shampooing or conditioning. 

Do not apply conditioner to the root area around the extensions.

Do not bleach or colour your extensions yourself.

Do not brush the hair when it is wet. Use a wide tooth comb or tangle teaser brush. Gentle brushing is required.

Do not brush extension hair too hard as you might pull the hair strands out. 

Do not wet hair in pool or sea water. The chlorine/salt water will strip the oils from the hair extensions, making them dry. If you cannot avoid this ensure you wash your hair straight after.

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